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Ephemeral Path is a free, quick, and customizable tabletop skirmish game for 2 players. Ephemeral Path uses no set miniatures or figures but instead allows players to play with either printable pieces or miniatures they already own. Players create customized stats and ability combinations for each figure they play with. Games are short, and use no custom dice or cards. Other than standard polyhedral dice, everything players need to play with is free and printable. The game itself is easy to learn, stripping away the slow and overly complicated rules that often accompany skirmish games. Thank you for playing Ephemeral Path.


The paths have opened up across space and time. Beings of all types have been lured through the mystifying black gates that mark the path’s root. Whatever the being’s reason for embarking along the path, science, curiosity, instinct, their aspirations shifted to mere survival. Once the gate had been activated it vanishes shortly after, never returning. Those who managed to traverse the path found themselves on a desolate planet, with no way home. The planet grew more crowded and dangerous by the hour as intelligent creatures from every corner of the universe flooded its barren surface. After some time, the gates that mark the head of the path began to appear on this planet as well. With resources running thin, most chose to take their chances with these newly opened gates. If they could only get to them before they close.